Shiloh Tour itinerary (April 4-6, 2018)

The Battle of Shiloh Tour Itinerary April 4-6, 2018 Corinth, Mississippi HQ: Holiday Inn Express: 2106 Us Hwy 72w & Hwy. 45 Bypass, Corinth, MS 38835

Wednesday, 4 April 2018: Registration and Overview
Corinth Interpretive Center — 501 W Linden St, Corinth, MS 38834 (drive on your own, or carpool — we do not have a bus on Wednesday night. Let me know if you require a ride,
and I’ll make arrangements. Dinner is on your own, so you’ll want to do that before or after our 5:00—7:00 event at the CIC.)
5:00 to 6:15 p.m: Pick up your name tag; experience the Center—view the exhibits and watch the mini-movies,
6:15 (or so) We’ll enter the auditorium to watch the feature orientation film, then get a brief Welcome and Intro for the next couple of days in the field.
7:00 p.m. doors close — return to Hotel

Thursday, 5 April 2018: Shiloh’s First Day—Sunday, 6 April 1862
7:30: Depart Hotel
7:408:10: Historic Rail Crossroads – Strategic Overview “Department No. 2”
8:109:00: Bus the Confederate Approach to Shiloh
(Stop @ Michie’s/Mickey’s – today’s Pebble Hill)

9:109:45: Arrive Pittsburg Landing – Why Camp Shiloh? (bus moves to Visitor Center parking, while group ascends bluff on foot via original Pittsburg Landing road)
10:0010:45: View orientation film: Shiloh—Fiery Trial (Visitor Ctr. exhibits, restrooms, etc.) 11:0011:15: Bus to Fraley Field
11:45: Opening of the battle
11:50: Bus to Sowell Field Picnic Area
11:5012:20: Lunch & restrooms
12:25: Bus to Initial Attack on Prentiss’ Camps (bus moves to Eastern Corinth Road @
Robertson’s Alabama Battery)
1:15: Fight for Prentiss’ camps (includes walk through woods to Eastern Corinth Road)
1:151:35: Spain Field & Johnston’s next moves... (walk to the 18th Wisconsin Camp) 1:351:40: Bus to Rea Field (bus moves to Shiloh Church parking lot)
1:402:20: Sherman’s Defense @ Shiloh Meeting House (walk across Shiloh Branch to the church)
2:202:25: Bus to the Crossroads @ Water Oaks Pond (bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #13)
2:253:25: Shiloh’s Killing Zone (walk the fighting on the Confederate left vs. Grant’s right)
3:253:30: Bus to VC area
3:304:00: Break for restrooms, on your own exploration of Shiloh National Cemetery
& the Bookstore

4:004:05: Bus to Stuart’s Camps (bus moves to Bloody Pond Auto Tour Stop #17) 4:054:30: Confederate Right Slams into the true Union Left (walk the battlefront) 4:305:00: On foot to examine McArthur’s line
5:30: Bus to Hotel

Friday, 6 April 2018: Shiloh’s Sabbath continued
7:308:10: Bus to Shiloh Battlefield
8:108:50: Peach Orchard & death of Albert Sidney Johnston
(bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #4)

8:509:40: Hornets’ Nest (on foot exploration of the battlefront)
9:409:45: Bus to VC
9:4510:10: Restrooms & Bookstore
10:1010:15: Bus to north Jones Field via Hwy 22 (Bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #11)
10:1511:15: Attack and Defense of Tilghman Branch
11:1511:20: Bus to Confederate Memorial
11:2011:50: Collapse of the Hornets’ Nest
11:5011:55: Bus to Sowell Field Picnic Area
11:5512:25: Lunch & restrooms
12:2512:30: Bus to Dill Branch (park Bus @ Indian Mound Village Plaza)
12:3012:50: Walk to Gage’s Battery Position – Final Confederate Assault
12:501:00: Bus to Dill Branch (brief stop) then to Grant’s Last Line
(bus moves on to VC parking lot)

1:001:40: Explore Grant’s Last Line defended Sunday (on foot)
1:50: Restroom break @ VC area

Shiloh’s Second Day—Monday, 7 April 1862
1:501:55: Bus to Perry Field
2:10: Lew Wallace Opens Shiloh’s Second Day
2:15: Bus to Jones Field (bus moves to Picnic Area Pavilion parking lot @ Sowell field) 2:153:00: Grant’s Right Hammers Beauregard’s Left (walk to Sowell field)
3:05: Bus to Wicker field/Bloody Pond (bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #4)
3:45: Walking tour of Federal left & center via Daniel Davis field to the Duncan farm 3:454:05: Fight returns to Duncan field (still on foot)
4:10: Bus to Water Oaks Pond @ Woolf field (bus moves to Shiloh Church)
4:40: Climax @ the Crossroads
5:00: Walk to Shiloh Church via Sherman’s headquarters
5:05: Bus to Fallen Timbers
5:25: Shiloh’s final action...
5:30: Bus to The Catfish Hotel
6:45 (approx.) Bus to Holiday Inn Express
End of tour

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(headquarters: Corinth, Mississippi)
April 4-6, 2018
with Stacy Allen

(headquarters: Billings, Montana)

October 16-20, 2018
with Neil Mangum

Mark your Calendars:
April 4-6, 2018
Join us for a comprehensive, on-the-ground
exploration of the monumental 1862 battle
with Chief Park Ranger
Stacy Allen 

No more knows the Battle of Shiloh better than Stacy Allen—long-time Historian at Shiloh National Military Park—and no one relates the story of that pivotal battle in such an engaging and compelling fashion. As Chief Park Ranger at Shiloh today, Stacy's duties leave little time for full-scale tours, but we have secured his dedicated services for two, full-day outings to cover the battlefield (and environs) in detail. Don't miss this opportunity to take in one of America's most pristine and important military parks, and to gain a fuller understanding of an exceedingly complex battle in company with the nation's premier authority on Shiloh.
Thure de Thulstrup / Library of Congress
“Shiloh was the first battle on a scale that became commonplace during the next three years. The 20,000 killed and wounded at Shiloh (about equally distributed between the two sides) were nearly double the 12,000 battle casualties at Manassas, Wilson’s Creek, Fort Donelson, and Pea Ridge combined. . . . Before Shiloh, Grant had believed that one more Union victory would end the rebellion; now he ‘gave up all idea of saving the Union except by complete conquest.’ Shiloh launched the country onto the floodtide of total war.”    —James McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom
Wednesday, April 4: 5:00–7:00  p.m. 
Corinth Interpretive Center: registration, orientation and overview
Thursday, April 5 and Friday, April 6: all-day bus and walking tours of Shiloh. The bus departs our hotel at 7:30 a.m. and returns at 5:30 p.m. both days. Box lunches will be provided Thursday and Friday for picnics on the field. 
*** Stick around after the tour to enjoy a number of anniversary events scheduled at the park for Saturday and Sunday -- schedule to be posted here once it's available *** 

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
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$102 (plus tax) for King or Double Queen Room
—full, hot breakfast included—
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Lodging is not included in your registration

$325 includes Wednesday evening event at the Corinth Interpretive Center, a seat on the bus and box lunches for both full-day tours. Also included in your registration: a signed, hardcover, hot-off-the-presses, copy of The Generals of Shiloh, by Larry Tagg (available in January, 2018, from Savas Beatie, retail value of $32.95). Your book will be mailed to you in January, so you can delve in before our tour. Read about this important new release here. 

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The closest major airport to Corinth is Memphis (approximately a 1.5-hour drive). Transportation from the airport will require a rental car. 

Ed Bearss (2007 Appomattox tour)

photo by David Woodbury
Over the years, I was fortunate enough to enlist Ed Bearss for two tremendous tours, in 2000 at Vicksburg and Port Hudson, and in 2007 for Lee's Retreat to Appomattox. Here he is collecting his thoughts at Sailor's Creek.