Shiloh Tour itinerary (April 4-6, 2018)

The Battle of Shiloh Tour Itinerary April 4-6, 2018 Corinth, Mississippi HQ: Holiday Inn Express: 2106 Us Hwy 72w & Hwy. 45 Bypass, Corinth, MS 38835

Wednesday, 4 April 2018: Registration and Overview
Corinth Interpretive Center — 501 W Linden St, Corinth, MS 38834 (drive on your own, or carpool — we do not have a bus on Wednesday night. Let me know if you require a ride,
and I’ll make arrangements. Dinner is on your own, so you’ll want to do that before or after our 5:00—7:00 event at the CIC.)
5:00 to 6:15 p.m: Pick up your name tag; experience the Center—view the exhibits and watch the mini-movies,
6:15 (or so) We’ll enter the auditorium to watch the feature orientation film, then get a brief Welcome and Intro for the next couple of days in the field.
7:00 p.m. doors close — return to Hotel

Thursday, 5 April 2018: Shiloh’s First Day—Sunday, 6 April 1862
7:30: Depart Hotel
7:408:10: Historic Rail Crossroads – Strategic Overview “Department No. 2”
8:109:00: Bus the Confederate Approach to Shiloh
(Stop @ Michie’s/Mickey’s – today’s Pebble Hill)

9:109:45: Arrive Pittsburg Landing – Why Camp Shiloh? (bus moves to Visitor Center parking, while group ascends bluff on foot via original Pittsburg Landing road)
10:0010:45: View orientation film: Shiloh—Fiery Trial (Visitor Ctr. exhibits, restrooms, etc.) 11:0011:15: Bus to Fraley Field
11:45: Opening of the battle
11:50: Bus to Sowell Field Picnic Area
11:5012:20: Lunch & restrooms
12:25: Bus to Initial Attack on Prentiss’ Camps (bus moves to Eastern Corinth Road @
Robertson’s Alabama Battery)
1:15: Fight for Prentiss’ camps (includes walk through woods to Eastern Corinth Road)
1:151:35: Spain Field & Johnston’s next moves... (walk to the 18th Wisconsin Camp) 1:351:40: Bus to Rea Field (bus moves to Shiloh Church parking lot)
1:402:20: Sherman’s Defense @ Shiloh Meeting House (walk across Shiloh Branch to the church)
2:202:25: Bus to the Crossroads @ Water Oaks Pond (bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #13)
2:253:25: Shiloh’s Killing Zone (walk the fighting on the Confederate left vs. Grant’s right)
3:253:30: Bus to VC area
3:304:00: Break for restrooms, on your own exploration of Shiloh National Cemetery
& the Bookstore

4:004:05: Bus to Stuart’s Camps (bus moves to Bloody Pond Auto Tour Stop #17) 4:054:30: Confederate Right Slams into the true Union Left (walk the battlefront) 4:305:00: On foot to examine McArthur’s line
5:30: Bus to Hotel

Friday, 6 April 2018: Shiloh’s Sabbath continued
7:308:10: Bus to Shiloh Battlefield
8:108:50: Peach Orchard & death of Albert Sidney Johnston
(bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #4)

8:509:40: Hornets’ Nest (on foot exploration of the battlefront)
9:409:45: Bus to VC
9:4510:10: Restrooms & Bookstore
10:1010:15: Bus to north Jones Field via Hwy 22 (Bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #11)
10:1511:15: Attack and Defense of Tilghman Branch
11:1511:20: Bus to Confederate Memorial
11:2011:50: Collapse of the Hornets’ Nest
11:5011:55: Bus to Sowell Field Picnic Area
11:5512:25: Lunch & restrooms
12:2512:30: Bus to Dill Branch (park Bus @ Indian Mound Village Plaza)
12:3012:50: Walk to Gage’s Battery Position – Final Confederate Assault
12:501:00: Bus to Dill Branch (brief stop) then to Grant’s Last Line
(bus moves on to VC parking lot)

1:001:40: Explore Grant’s Last Line defended Sunday (on foot)
1:50: Restroom break @ VC area

Shiloh’s Second Day—Monday, 7 April 1862
1:501:55: Bus to Perry Field
2:10: Lew Wallace Opens Shiloh’s Second Day
2:15: Bus to Jones Field (bus moves to Picnic Area Pavilion parking lot @ Sowell field) 2:153:00: Grant’s Right Hammers Beauregard’s Left (walk to Sowell field)
3:05: Bus to Wicker field/Bloody Pond (bus moves to Auto Tour Stop #4)
3:45: Walking tour of Federal left & center via Daniel Davis field to the Duncan farm 3:454:05: Fight returns to Duncan field (still on foot)
4:10: Bus to Water Oaks Pond @ Woolf field (bus moves to Shiloh Church)
4:40: Climax @ the Crossroads
5:00: Walk to Shiloh Church via Sherman’s headquarters
5:05: Bus to Fallen Timbers
5:25: Shiloh’s final action...
5:30: Bus to The Catfish Hotel
6:45 (approx.) Bus to Holiday Inn Express
End of tour

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